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Container homes are affordable. You don't  need to borrow money from the bank.

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    Work less.

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    Enjoy more time with family and friends.

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    Spend money with your hobbies instead of a mortgage.

A comfortable place for the whole family.

Equipped with the most modern and necessary functions.

Cozy, spacious and well-designed.

Multiple functions

Granny flat
Granny flat
AirBnB or Farm Stay
AirBnB or Farm Stay
Office or studio
Office or studio
Gym or Pool Room
Gym or Pool Room
Food truck, restaurant or store
Housing for students
Housing for
Construction site accommodation
Construction site accommodation

HOMETAINER offers an alternative way of dwelling in Australia.

You don't need a big house to live comfortably.

More about our company

We can designyour unique home.

Didn't find your perfect model? Let us know your wishes and requirements. 

You will receive an individual house project based on your preferences, number of occupants and lifestyle


We prepare an individual container home project 
based on your preferences,
number of occupants and lifestyle.


We turn your projectinto reality.


We assist in choosing the right place to install your shipping container home.

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Leave a request and get expert advice, calculation of the cost and timing of your home construction.

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Despite its size, our hometainers are efficiently designed to fit everything that you need for your daily life.

Why container home?


Container homes last long 

Special weathering steel prevents rust from going inside the metal. So your container home will not get rotten over time.


Easily increase the sizeof your home

Need an extra room? Incorporate a new container in your house and get additional space in no time.


Cheaper and cleaner construction

Such a house does not require a foundation or a roof. Plus, we do not use bricks, cement and other messy materials. 


Low maintenance cost

Utility bills in the container house are several times less than in an ordinary house.


You can place your home anywhere

Need to move? Take your home with you.

You will receive your container home within 12 weeks after closing your contract with Hometainer.

We manage the whole cycle of work and employ only certified tradies.

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