Hi, my name is Bogdan Raymov. I own a business called Hometainer. We specialise in designing and building beautiful Container Homes and Offices.

Many people love where the location of where they live. They don’t want to move. But their home just does not have the space they need. Some want extra living space for visiting family and friends. Others want a standalone office or space for their business.

But here is the challenge. Traditional construction is both time-consuming and costly. And it is taking longer and longer. It is also getting more and more expensive to do the traditional building.

When I first came across the concept of Container Homes, I was amazed. There is something beautiful about repurposing something that is no longer required. But what really blew my mind was how creative you could be. And just how spacious they felt.

The truth is, I fell in love with Container Homes and Offices. So much that I started Hometainer. And I think you will fall in love with them too.

For the last few years, we have been custom designing living spaces for our clients. We focus on beautiful designs. And we ensure that every project has the space and functionality our clients need. We pride ourselves on our workmanship.

It is really amazing to go on the journey with our clients. We turn their dreams into a reality. And we do it fast. In fact, most projects only take 4 months, from start to finish.

So, if you are looking for some more space and you would like to explore the world of Container Homes, please contact us. We would be delighted to show you the possibilities.

Yours Sincerely,





Container Home construction is much faster than traditional building. The entire design, construction and installation are completed in 4 months.


All our Container Homes are custom designed. You can choose the size, layout, and every detail of the specifications. We can create for you exactly what you want.


You will be amazed at how beautiful our Container Homes and Offices are. We consult with you to ensure the look and feel are exactly what you want.


One of the most common concerns about container homes is that they may be too hot or too cold, due to the lack of insulation. However, properly insulated container homes do not have this problem. In fact, they are often more comfortable than traditional homes, as they can be better insulated against both heat and cold. Container homes are also known for their low impact on the environment, as they use far less energy to heat and cool than traditional homes. As a result, container homes are an increasingly popular choice for those looking for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient way to live.

One of the benefits of container homes is that they do not rust. Container homes are made of special weathering steel which doesn’t allow surface rust to penetrate container walls. This makes them an ideal choice for areas where humidity and salt air are a concern. Container homes are also easier to maintain than traditional homes, as they require no painting or staining. As a result, container homes offer a unique and durable solution for those looking for an alternative to highly demanding traditional housing.

Container homes represent a middle way between small tiny houses on the wheels and big five-bedroom houses. An optimised design helps container homes have good-sized bedrooms, bathrooms, living, kitchens and even bathtubs. Everything is on level, so there is no dangerous loft beds. In addition, container homes can consist of two or more containers connected side by side, in L-shape or parallel to each other allowing their owners even more possibilities to shape their own home according to their specific needs and taste.

Yes, that is exactly one of the most significant advantages of a container home compared to trailer-based tiny houses. Containers are fabricated in a shape that makes it easy to connect multiple containers together. So if you decide to grow your home, you just add one more container to an existing structure and get extra space almost immediately.

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